Super Universe

Flash- Fresh Picked Strawberries, Sweet Lemonade and a Creamy Cake
Wasp: Pink Sugar and Golden Sands (Yankee Dupe)
Daredevil: Fresh picked Strawberries, Georgia Peach and sweet mango
Torch: Tonka, Beachwood Vetiver, Pink Berries and Caramilized Figs
Son of Odin: Pomegranate, Sugar Cookie and fresh picked strawberries
The Thing!: Cornbread, Fresh picked peaches and Cream
Black widow: Sweet Blackberry and pink peonies
Modok: Creamy peach and Blackberry sorbet stacked on top of a Vanilla sugar waffle cone
Loki's Tricks: Lemon Ice Box Pie, Trix and Frosted Rose Jam
Stark: This scent is combining Tony Stark's favorite things. Vanilla Champagne with sweet berries floating at the rim, being sipped by a smokin' hot babe wearing cotton candy lip gloss
Punisher: The Omen blended with tobacco leaf. (Don’t give me that look. lmbo Trust me! Its soooo good!)
Pepper Potts: Pink Sugar, Apricots and Honey
Banner: A warm buttery cornbread topped with creamy mac apple ice cream and brown sugar...SMASH THIS!
Red Skull: Sweet fresh picked strawberries, creamy zucchini bread, frosted with vanilla buttercream
Dr. Doom: Combining patchouli, Madagascar black pepper and a SUPER creamy vanilla bean. This scent will make you feel like the "lord of misrule" anywhere!
Deadpool: Fresh picked Strawberries and Satsuma
Buster: Black Cherry Float, Zucchini bread and frosted cupcakes